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Project description

The aim of the project is to analyze the relations of the Capital Regions in South-Eastern Europe with the European urban network and to identify actions needed to be taken in order to improve the connections between the south-east of Europe and the European core economic development area.

Also, given the different status of development of Bucharest, Sofia and Athens metropolitan areas, the project aims to find out evidence showing the role of formal metropolitan areas (meaning formal cooperation of the Capital cities with the surrounding territory) as factor of competitiveness and as factor of enhancing accessibility and connections with the European urban network.

General context of the project:

  • Urban System in South East Europe has known a strong fragmentation due to the emergence of new states after the collapse of former Yugoslavia and the former USSR, and also of the differentiated development.
  • This urban system is much less structured than the Central European urban system, being necessary a consolidation and a balanced development.
  • Bucharest-Sofia-Athens axis can help to ensure the cohesion of the urban system in this part of the EU, due to the fact that the influence of Istanbul metropolis tends to print an asymmetric development.